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General Manager Speech

Dear Customer:

Thank you for the support over the years and love!

We always look at the world position of a customer.

No customers, no market. For Northern Wei, customer focus is more than any one important motto. Customers expect from our products, our services and the concern they have been top quality of service received, this is the direction of our efforts.

As a large satellite communications product development company, Northern Health will focus on various types of communication products, tailored to customer specifications for C / KU-band satellite antennas, accessories and MMDS equipment - could be to OEM products. Whether our customers where and when in need of help, our national marketing and service network enables us to provide fast response.

At the same time, the company is a member of the staff of each Neizai Deke Hu, we Nulichuangzao a 高效 work environment, and through staff training, establish Fuge type team, cultivate positive values and Zhi Ding individual career planning to keep the company 等 Shouduan in people, making it the company's sustainable development drive. .

We can in this dynamic, fast-growing industry appear so agile, and can win in this area the highest customer satisfaction in one of the reasons is that we actively explore the market, future trends, and to be based on self- innovative efforts to active participation. Northern Health will be based in China, sustainable development, bringing savings to customers, efficiency, environmental protection, health of the business model, maximize the economic benefits to be Tongshi, more Guangfan win public respect and Renke. On the rich sense of social responsibility, with a deep wisdom and vision business customers, establish thought Chen would be professional, honest, creative partner.


Manager: Yuan-De deposit
Hebei North Health Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.


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