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The national industrial production permit 
ISO9001 Certification 
Administration of the State Radio Network business certificate in the core concept of Northern Wei 
"Northern Wei" in core philosophy - innovation is the path to victory. 
As a professional manufacturer of satellite communications equipment, large manufacturers, "Northern Wei" of responsibility and mission, general speaking, the main product mission, economic mission and social mission. The Northern Wei enterprise product mission, economic mission and social mission of effective integration and distillation, to form the "Northern Wei," unique core concept, which is committed to technological innovation is the path to victory.Technology innovation is the path to victory, means that Northern Wei of every product, every innovation, every service must be focusing on improving product technology content, not only to be able to satisfy consumers, "North Health" product features demand, while enhancing the consumer's production quality. 

Northern Wei brand's core values 
"Northern Wei brand's core values of" people-oriented, honest world. " 
"People-oriented, honest world," the most unique and most valuable essence, it represents the "North Health," the ultimate meaning of the brand to consumers and the unique value, a test, "North Wei" brand in the market's strong level of an important symbol. North Health's core values of the brand "North Wei" brand "identity card", which allow consumers to clearly identify and clearly remember the "North Wei" brand personality point of interest, with the core values, "Northern Wei" brand can call a real brand. 

Northern Wei's corporate values 
Customer service, efficiency, integrity, the 8 characters is the "North Health" business values. 
Corporate values is a company respected in the business process of the basic beliefs and practice guidelines. It is the business development and internal motivation to achieve strategic objectives. A correct and appropriate corporate values and help build corporate image and corporate culture to establish and enhance brand value content for the acts of employees of deep spiritual support to form a unified, standard operational guidelines for corporate behavior . 

North Health's business philosophy 
Honesty, win-win "Northern Wei" business philosophy. 
For consumers, enterprises must first be honest means to achieve product quality and service for consumers promise to provide consumers with quality products, reliable quality and considerate service, to meet the needs of consumers purchase. Only this way can prompt consumers to the products of the enterprise sense of confidence and loyalty desire to increase market demand by expanding enterprise development space, to achieve win-win situation between businesses and consumers. 
The dealer, the dealer honest means between enterprises and fair trade and benefit-sharing relationship and sense of responsibility are corporate responsibility and risk. The cooperation process, not only to integrate all resources, but also actively seek common interests with the growth of dealers, and cooperation to achieve win-win partnership. 

Northern Wei's corporate culture 
"Northern Wei" corporate culture can be summarized this way: people-oriented, equality and mutual assistance; the pursuit of excellence, integrity of the world. 
People-oriented, equality and mutual assistance. "Northern Wei" committed to a professional to promote product quality, and always adhere to customer-centric, consumer demand-oriented business philosophy. In management, people-centered and strive to create good working atmosphere of equality and mutual assistance, to create a unique corporate culture. 
Pursuit of excellence, serve the community. After several years of development, the North has made considerable health benefits and a considerable scale, but "Northern Wei" does not dwell on the past or present success, has more plans in mind and constantly better ourselves, pursue excellence, service to the community back to society, and in the ever-changing market to keep on learning and innovation, the establishment of an updated corporate values and culture, and quickly translated into action, constantly enhance the "Northern Wei" in the competitiveness of enterprises. 

Northern Health staff ideas 
"Northern Wei" corporate values, core philosophy, corporate culture, constitute the "North Health," the staff common philosophy: "Northern Wei" is our common home. Common home, which means shared responsibility. Common home, which means sharing of benefits. Common home, which means equality of mutual aid.

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